Banderitas gamit sa Tondo Fiesta high toxic

Janauary 17, 2014 – Isang environmental group ang nagbibigay babala sa pag gamit ng mga plastic na banderitas para sa pagdiriwang ng Santo Nino Tondo Fiesta. (oo na! alam ko sobrang late na itong balita koh! heh!).  Ayon sa EcoWaste Coalition may nakita raw ng mga kemikal na maaring makasama sa kalusugan.
Naman! eh matagal na kayang panahaon na exposed tayo sa maraming chemical na nakakasama sa kalusugan. Minsan nga di na natin namamalayan apektado na tayo at panay na kindat natin sa katabi natin habang gumawa ng mga bandera para fiesta.  Dyan pa nga minsan nadedevelop yun iba!
Soooooo….lakas tama lang pala yun ano? LOL!  Anyways, eto ang ulat ni M. Brizuela ng Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Tondo Fiesta 2014 toxic banderitas

MANILA—With the feast of the Sto. Niño or Child Jesus just two days away, an environment group warned the public on Friday that the colorful “banderitas” or buntings adorning the streets of Tondo contain high levels of lead, a highly toxic chemical.

Waste and pollution watchdog EcoWaste Coalition said it discovered traces of the harmful chemical in samples of plastic bunting hanging on the streets of Albuquerque, Asuncion, Juan Luna, Lakandula, Moriones, Padre Herrera, Padre Rada and Raja Matanda.

Six of the 10 polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic bunting samples contained very high levels of lead. Three of the samples also registered high concentrations of arsenic and chromium, the group’s study showed.

EcoWaste Coalition Zero Waste Campaigner Tin Vergara said that it was high time for the church and the government to take a critical look at the unregulated practice of hanging fiesta buntings as this does not only add to the volume but also to the toxicity of garbage generated by communal festivities.

“Why adorn the sky with toxic ‘banderitas’ that will ultimately be disposed of in dump sites where these are burned or buried, dispersing their lead and other chemical components and causing environmental harm?” Vergara asked.

She added that when the bunting is burned, it gives off toxic byproducts called dioxins that pose a cancer hazard and a long list of severe reproductive and developmental problems.

EcoWaste urged community leaders to take the example of the Santo Niño de Tondo Parish, which used reusable cloth drapes instead of disposable bunting to decorate the church for the feast.

“By avoiding the notorious wastefulness of our community festivities, the volume of trash will surely shrink and cut the city expense for costly garbage disposal,” Vergara said.

The Sto. Niño image is claimed to be the oldest religious image in the country brought by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. Its feast day is celebrated every third Sunday of January.

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Sunog sa Tondo Padre Rada Bldg

April 19, 2011 Martes – Isang sunog sa Tondo sa kalye Padre Rada ang naireport.  Nagsimula daw ang sunog ng alas-sais ng hapon (6:00pm) pero naagapan umano ang sunog at napatay matapos ang 30 minutos.  Narito ang ulat mula sa ABS-CBN

A residential and commercial building in Padre Rada St., Tondo, Manila caught fire at 6 p.m. on Tuesday.
City Fire Marshal Emilio Langkay said the fire started around 6 p.m. and immediately escalated to a Level 3 alarm because the building was made of light materials.
Fire out was declared at 6:30 p.m.
Langkay said the fire damaged an estimated P200,000 worth of property.
The building was owned by a certain Virgilio delos Reyes.
No casualties were reported.
Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the fire.

Isang Warehouse sa Tondo-Sunog!

Pinaghihinalaan na isang arsonist ang may gawa ng sunog sa isang warehouse doon sa Tondo sa kanto ng Juan Luna at Morga. Teka..hindi ba malapit na sa Simbahan ng Tondo yun? Morga Street eh di sa may Isabelo De Los Reyes Elementary School?  Anyways, pakibasa na lang po ang ulat galit sa aking paboritong website –

MANILA, Philippines—Fire hit a warehouse Thursday afternoon in Tondo, Manila, authorities said.

Reports from the Manila Fire District said the fire started at around 1:15 p.m. at a warehouse on the corner of Juan Luna and Morga streets in Tondo.

Firefighters placed the blaze under control at around 2:27 p.m. but a fire out had yet to be declared.

Arson investigators were still determining the cause of the blaze, as well as the estimated cost of damaged property.

First Day of School:Manila and Pasay Cops vs KFR gangs

Chinese-Filipino studentsKFR (Kidnap For Ransom) gangs are rampant in the Philippines. These Kidnap for ransom gangs targets the rich Chinese-Filipino student because in their way of thinking this kind of criminal acts are more viable and lucrative means of quick get-rich scheme for people that doesn’t know how to earn money the honest way.
With the opening of schools in Manila and Pasay City Cops are on the lookout to protect the students.

On the first day of classes, police in the cities of Manila and Pasay kept an extra-tight watch against kidnap-for-ransom (KFR) gangs in schools with Chinese-Filipino students.

In Manila, radio dzBB’s Carlo Mateo reported that the Manila Police District (MPD) increased visibility and patrols around Chinese schools in the city’s Tondo area.

Children of Chinese-Filipino traders have been considered a “favorite” target of KFR groups, as their parents are perceived to pay ransom without reporting kidnapping incidents to authorities.

MPD head Chief Superintendent Rodolfo Magtibay personally inspected police preparations around Chinese schools in the area early Tuesday, the report said.

Similarly heightened was police security on De La Salle University and the College of St. Benilde in Manila, where many children of Chinese Filipinos also study.

In Pasay City, dzBB’s Denver Trinidad reported that police kept tight watch over a Chinese Filipino school there, with a police 6×6 truck is being detailed in the area.

Meanwhile, in Davao City, police have also kept close watch over schools where children of Chinese Filipinos are known to study.

Source:GMA News

Dr. Juan Nolasco High School annex bldg demolished

Idineklara ni Manila Mayor Lim na isara at gibain ang isang annex ng Juan Nolasco High School sa Tondo dahil unfit na raw ito to function. Baka imbes na makapagaral ang mga bata eh bagsakan pa ng building. Pero magtatayo din naman daw ng panibagong building in place of the demolished one.

Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim ordered Sunday the immediate closure and demolition of a school annex building after it was declared condemned by City Hall building officials.

The Dr. Juan Nolasco High School annex building in Tondo, Manila was earlier declared condemned due to its state of deterioration.

Lim said he ordered the demolition of the condemned school annex building to prevent untoward incidents from happening, adding that it would be risky for teachers, students and occupants of the building to stay there.

With the imminent demolition of the school, Lim also ordered the construction of a new building in a dialogue with the officers and faculty of the school.

The Nolasco High School Annex is a four-story building composed of eight classrooms in the third and fourth floors; the first floor is occupied by clerical and property custodian rooms while the second floor houses the library.

The high school annex building was built about nine years ago.

“Actually, it is not an old building. But the building was recommended to be demolished because the lot where it was erected was too soft and it is dangerous,” said Louise Behan, Manila City Hall information officer.

“City Hall Engineer Armand Andres recommended its demolition to the Mayor. The new school annex building will be built in a lot that has better foundation,” Behan said.

Lim instructed the city engineering office to demolish the Nolasco High School Annex and prioritize the construction of a new five-story building.

He also ordered the relocation of squatters within the perimeter of the building and also the construction of a footbridge which will traverse the Pritil estero for the benefit of the students, faculty and the community, thereby reducing the transportation budget of students to and from school.

Lim wanted the new building to be constructed before June this year.

Source: Manila Bulletin

Batang Tondo blog template revision

I finally made the change I was planning for the longest time since I installed this awesome oriental template.

Sanay kasi tayong magbasa ng from left to right pero since oriental itong theme originally the blog post title goes like this…

Posted in Uncategorized on 07/23/2009 05:32 am Bad trip na Erpat hinostage

pero ngayon naayos ko na to make the title float to the left.
and also, try ko na rin mag-update more often.  thank you po!

Honorio Lopez 51st death anniversary commemorated

Last July 2 Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim led the 51st commemoration of the death anniversary of “the Hero of Manila” Honorio Lopez.  Never ko atang naalala kung sino ito until I came across this article.  The only thing I knew before was that Honorio Lopez is that long and winding road papuntang Navotas (o Balut kaya?) na madadaan mo yung elementary iskul ko sa kanto ng S.Del Rosario at Honorio Lopez na walang iba kung hindi ang Immaculate Concepcion Academy of Manila-ICAM for short. Hanep ang baha sa lugar na yun! Noon ha! ewan ko lang ngayon..that was like in the 70’s!! Pero mabalik tayo sa topic..hanguin natin ang salaysay ni Ms Chui ng MB;

Lopez made his mark in Philippine history for fighting off foreign invaders in the war against the Spaniards in 1896, against the Americans in 1899, and the Japanese in 1947 as a soldier, propagandist and journalist, using his words to inspire the spirit of nationalism among the oppressed Filipinos of his time.

Lopez was best known for preparing an almanac used as a propaganda material to promote the Philippine cause during the underground days of the revolution. The calendar of Lopez traced its roots way back to 1897, when it was still under the name of “La Sonrisa” (The Smile), before it was chased deep into the underground where it earned the new name “Dimasalang” (The Untouchable).

After the revolution, Lopez also entered the world of politics when he became one of the first councilors of Manila in 1916-1920.

Among the activities scheduled for the day are masses to be held at the St. Joseph Gagalangin Church, Tonodo Church, and Manila Tayuman Cathedral, to be followed by a commemorative rite at 8:30 a.m. at Sentro ng Karunungan Building on Tayuman corner Dagupan St., Tondo, Manila.

Source MB

Gusto mong maglaro ng baseball sa Smokey Mountain?

May chikka atang lumabas na maglalaro daw ang Philippine Little League sa Smokey Mountain na dating garbage dump sa tondo.  Ito ay ayon kay Jolly Gomez na president ng Little League Philippines na binesa noong Biyernes April 3, 2009.  Hindi naman lahat ng games ay gagawin doon, syempre may venue din sa Rizal Park na isa rin kilalang pasyalan sa pinas.

Sabi nga daw ni Gomez yung ibang games sa dating garbage dumpsite sa tondo na naging simbulo ng kahirapan sa Pilipinas pero ngayon ay kino-convert sa isang public park.

Limang (5) team ang mag-rerepresent sa Manila, at karamihan dito ay manglalaro galing sa kilalalang-kilala ng buong mundo na Smokey Mountain and iba pang lugar na slum area sa tondo.

“This will be the biggest Philippine Series ever in terms of teams participating,” Gomez said during the Scoop sa Kamayan-Padre Faura. “It goes to show that the Little League program, the largest mass-based, grassroots-oriented youth development program in the world, has come of age here.”

Manila, through Mayor Alfredo Lim and Masco chairman Niño dela Cruz, will be hosting some 1,300 players in boys’ baseballs and girls’ softballs.

So kung feel mong mamasyal, manood o maglaro ng softball or baseball – tara na sa smokey mountain ng tondo!!

Source: Inquirer

NMIS assured public cooked pork ok despite Ebola scare

Imagine your favorite food on a stick? the barbeque! Those succulent pork cooked over charcoal and full of greasy fat.  How about the pork adobo? The smell of vinegar and soy sauce cooked to perfection. Anyways, there was an Ebola scare in metro manila that a pig worker in one of the two quarantined farms in Bulacan and Pangasinan has been tested positive for antibodies of the Ebola Reston virus.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III dropped by the Pritil public market in Tondo, Manila the other day to assure buyers that it was still safe to eat pork as long as the meat had been properly handled and thoroughly cooked before it is served.

Duque immediately played down implications of the first pig-to-human transmission of the virus. He said the pig handler, who was not identified, had been infected more than six months ago but remains healthy, claiming he has had no serious illness in the past 12 months.

The Department of Agriculture, meanwhile, has advised the public to buy its meat only from National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS)-certified sources to ensure that the pork came from healthy pigs.

A team of international health experts arrived in the country earlier this month to work with local experts to contain the spread of the particular strain of Ebola virus found in some dead pigs.

It was the first time the Ebola Reston virus had been detected in pigs, although the specific Ebola strain had been found before in monkeys in the country.

Ebola virus can be trasmitted through contact with the blood or other bodily fluids of an infected animal or person.
The Ebola Reston virus is reportedly a milder strain unlike the Zaïre, Sudan and Bundibugyo strains associated with the deadly Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreaks in Africa.

source: inquirer

Sleeping Manila Sidewalk vendor stabbed dead

Habang natutulog ang isang sidewalk vendor sa walang patumanggang sinaksak ito hanggang mamatay. Hindi mabilang ang saksak na natamo ng nasawi noong sinugod sa ospital ng Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center.

eto ang ulat mula sa isang tanyag na source;
Eduardo Laviña, of Manuguit, Tondo, was declared dead on arrival from multiple stab wounds in the body.

Ayon sa  report na ginawa ng Manila Police District homicide section ang krimen ay naganap bandang 2:00 a.m. on a sidewalk fronting a house at 1512 C.M. Recto Street in Sta. Cruz.

Homicide investigators said that before the incident, Laviña was sleeping on the sidewalk when, a witness claimed, a certain Joel Trinidad, a member of the Bahala na Gang, approached him.

Without any provocation, Trinidad pulled out a knife and allegedly stabbed Laviña several times and then fled the scene. Bystanders brought the bloodied victim to the nearest hospital in an attempt to save him but the effort proved futile.

MPD operatives have launched a hunt for Trinidad, who investigators said could have been motivated by an old grudge to murder the victim.

source: inquirer