BFAD -testing more than 50 milk brands

The Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) on Friday released the names of more than 50 milk brands and milk-based products currently under laboratory testing for possible melamine contamination.

In a radio interview, BFAD Director Leticia Gutierrez said the list that they have come out so far is still partial.

She said some more brands will be named in the next few days.

The milk brands and milk-based products – including chocolates and candies – currently being tested by the BFAD include among others:

– Anchor Lite Milk
– Anchor Wam Froot Milk Drink Mango Magic
– Anchor Wam Froot Milk Orange Chill
– Anchor Wam Froot Milk Strawberry Spin

– Anlene Milk
– Anmum Materna
– Anmum Materna Chocolate
– Dutch Lady Pure Milk
– Farmland Skimmed Milk
– Green Food Yili Pure Milk
– Jinwei Drink
– Jolly Cow Pure Fresh Milk
– Jolly Cow Slender Low Fat Milk
– KLIM Instant Full Cream Milk Powder
– M&M Chocolate Brown
– Meiji Hokkaido Azuki (Red Bean Ice Cream)
– Meiji Ujikintoki (Red Bean and Green Tea Frozen Confection)
– Mengniu Original Drink Milk
– Mengniu Pure Milk
– Milk Chocolate Bar
– Milk Chocolate Candies
– Milk Boy (repacked)
– Monmilk Breakfast Milk Walnut Milk Beverage
– Monmilk High Calcium Low Fat Milk
– Monmilk High Calcium Milk
– Monmilk Milk Deluxe Pure Milk
– Monmilk Pure Milk
– Monmilk Suan Ru Sour Milk Beverage (mango flavor)
– Natural Choice Milk Ice Bar
– Nespray
– Nestle Carnacion Calcium Plus non fat milk powder
– Nestle Dairy Farm Pure Milk
– Nestle Chocolate Flavor Ice Cream Cone
– Nestle Vanilla Flavor Ice Cream Cone
– Nutri Express Milk
– Nutri Express 15 Nutritional Elements
– Nutri Express Milk Green Apple
– Prime Roast Cereals
– Pura Fresh Milk
– Snickers Brown
– Strawberry Sorbet
– Trappist Dairy Low Fat Yogurt Drink
– Vita Fresh Milk
– Wahaha Orange
– Wahaha Yellow
– Want Want Milk Drink
– Yili High Calcium
– Yili High Calcium Milk
– Yili High Clacium Low Fat Milk Beverage
– Yili Low Fat Milk
– Yili Milk
– Yili Pure Milk 250 ml
– Yili Pure Milk 1 liter
– Yinlu Milk Peanut

Gutierrez clarified that these products, collected by BFAD inspectors in the last several days, have not yet tested positive for kidney stone-causing chemical melamine.

“These are just the samples we have collected and these are going to be tested. There is always the possibility that it’s negative,” Gutierrez said.

However, she said that it would still be best if consumers would stay away from these milk brands in the meantime, until the bureau completes its examination.

Huwag muna silang bilhin. Iyon din naman ang advise ng DOH. Marami pa namang ibang brands diyan (Don’t buy these products for the meantime. That’s also the advise of the Department of Health, There are many other brands out there that are safe). Just to make sure they are not contaminated with melamine,” Gutierrez said.

Last Tuesday, the DOH ordered a ban on importation and sale on all milk and milk-based products shipped from China, following thousands of Chinese infant deaths blamed to milk contamination.

On Friday morning, the Trade Industry conducted a surprise inspection in several supermarkets in Tayuman in Tondo, Manila and discovered soya products and bean thread noodles (sotanghon) with only Chinese characters on their labels.

Trade Secretary Peter Favila has already requested the BFAD to include these other products in its laboratory testing.

Around the same time as the DTI inspection, the Manila Police District seized from a retail store in Binondo, Manila more than 70 sacks of Farmland Skimmed Milk, one of the brands being tested by BFAD.

Source: GMANews

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